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Ecuador: Mission Summary

accueilAt 18:58 local time on 16th April, Ecuador fell victim to its strongest earthquake in almost 40 years. A team from TSF's newly formed deployment base in Guadalajara, Mexico, established its response plan.


Migrant crisis: 325 302 devices connected



Present in the Balkans between September 2015 and May 2016, TSF placed itself at the heart of the migrant crisis to make internet available to those cut off and help reconnect families forced to flee their home countries due to ongoing violence and conflict. Operations were later extended to the Greek islands and mainland Greece in November of the same year, carried out alongside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


TSF supports medical relief in Syria

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TSF has been providing ongoing support to the millions of victims of the conflict as well as Syrian refugee/IDP children for more than 2 years.
TSF's mission focuses on two priorities: education of Syrian refugee/IDP children and the supporting medical sector.


Guatemala: Data collection for prevention of food crisis

IMG 5864

In Guatemala during the summer months of 2014, the lack of rain led hundreds of thousands of small scale farmers to lose their crop. A state of emergency was declared by the government with over 276,000 families requiring food support as a result of the drought. This problem exasperates a plague of coffee rust that hit the country some six months previously leading to a food security and nutrition emergency, affecting specially to rural and indigenous communities.

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