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TSF returns to Iraq and sets up new mLearning centre



Two weeks following the emergency evacuation of its mLearning camp in Khazar, TSF returned to the field at the end of August to recommence its activities amongst Iraqi refugee children. 


TSF reinforces UN security in Iraq



Following the emergency evacuation of its mLearning centre in Iraq, Télécoms Sans Frontières returned to the field two weeks later, coinciding with the United Nations’ largest humanitarian distribution to date. TSF made available the latest in satellite tracking technology to reinforce the security of UN agents on the ground during their mass humanitarian distributions.


IRAQ: Emergency evacuation of Khazar Camp


Télécoms Sans Frontières arrived during the night of Sunday 15 June 2014 at the Erbil Airport in the Kurdish capital and will be providing direct assistance to the thousands of displaced families in the region. TSF has recently put in place an extracurricular mEducation centre in the Khazar IDP camp to the benefit of Iraqi children. On 8th August 2014, TSF carried out an emergency evacuation given the serious security threats - information in article.


TSF's 3rd year on the borders of Mali

TSF 2years MaliThe year 2014 marks TSF's 3rd year of presence on the borders of Mali. Thanks to its satellite connections, TSF is reinforcing the coordination among the humanitarian actors working with Malian refugees.

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