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TSF assists aid workers and supports the Mexican population


26th September, 2013 - TSF sent a team of experts to provide assistance to relief workers and the Mexican population.


TSF supports migrant community in Mexico


According to various civil society organisations, around 400,000 migrants arrive from Central America into Mexico each year. The situation for people crossing Mexico is becoming ever the more dangerous, to such an extent that it is being considered a humanitarian crisis.  One of the greatest problems to be solved is that of the thousands of missing people, no doubt victims of organised crime.


TSF is supporing the UN assessment teams in Burma

TSFdeploymenttoburmaAt the request of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), teams from TSF deployed to Burma between May 17th to 23rd to assist the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination teams (UNDAC).


TSF supports NGOs and local authorities in Mali


accueiltombouctouTelecoms Sans Frontières (TSF) teams have worked in Mali since February 2013, first offering free calls to the population, and later providing satellite connectivity in Timbuktu after the Malian army retook the city.

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