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UPDATE: TSF reorganises its educational activities in Syria

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As we begin a new year, there is no lull in the fighting in Syria yet, and civilians remain the first victims of this conflict. NGOs are also facing growing difficulties and restrictions on the ground. Télécoms Sans Frontières is no longer authorised to continue its mLearning program with displaced children from Azaz and Alsalame schools.


UPDATE: Hurricane Maria - TSF supports reconstruction phase

Dominica Home

Three months after the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria, the means of communication are only partially restored in some parts of the island. In the first 48 hours after the impact, TSF was on-site supporting the national authorities as well as the population throughout the emergency phase by providing satellite lines and Internet connections to the benefit of all civilians and local actors.


UPDATE: Supporting medical relief in northern Syria

Territorial control in Syria has changed many times since the country's uprising began more than six years ago. The evolution of the powers at play has a direct impact on the work of humanitarian actors. Regardless of the challenging circumstances, TSF has been providing unwavering support to the medical sector, enabling the operations of the people who risk their lives attempting to save those of others.


UPDATE: Hurricane Maria - TSF supports island of Dominica


Hurricane Maria arrives in a context where several Caribbean islands are still working to respond to the devastation and anguish arising from Hurricane Irma earlier this month. Télécoms Sans Frontières deployed on 20th September 2017.

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