Context: Floods
Start date: 15/10/2000
End date: 22/10/2000
Areas of intervention: Aoste Valley

  • Aoste
  • Fénis
  • Nuz
  • Gressonay-Saint-Jean
  • Gressonay-La-Trinité


  • Humanitarian calling operations
  • Support to coordination

Aosta Valley - Floods

Publication date: Oct 15, 2000 12:00 AM
Last modication date: Jul 09, 2019 05:09 PM
Torrential rains fell on the Aosta Valley, the TSF team, equipped with 16 satellite telephone lines, arrived at the Emergency Command Centre 14 hours after the official announcement of the request for international assistance. First NGO present in the field, the team assesses the damages.