Institutional donors

Are you an organisation or an institutional donor wanting to diversify your commitment to solidarity?

Institutional bodies are an essential part of international solidarity. TSF is committed to maintaining the quality and diversity of its partners, both institutional and private, to ensure its independence.

TSF is unique because our action is unique: we are the only NGO in the world dedicated to emergency telecommunications and new technologies.

Supporting TSF means choosing over 20 years of know-how and technical expertise in more than 70 countries. It is choosing to have an immediate impact in emergency aid and, thus, instantly improving the lives of people affected by crises. To help reinforce this impact, we rely on local authorities and communities to integrate our actions into local response mechanisms.

TSF also ensures professionalism and transparency. With 93% of funds directly allocated to our missions, we demonstrate a rigorous and ethical management of our resources. Our partnerships are highlighted on all relevant communication materials, and we regularly send accurate and illustrated information briefs, press releases and reports, as well as certified accounts.

Contact us, together we will conceive a coherent project for your organisation. Contact our Communication and International Relations Department by email or phone call at: +33 5 59 84 43 60.


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