Local authorities

Are you a local authority wanting to diversify your commitment to solidarity? Local authorities are essential in supporting international solidarity. TSF is committed to maintaining the quality and diversity of its partners, both institutional and private, to ensure its independence.

TSF is unique because our action is unique: we are the only NGO in the world dedicated to emergency telecommunications and new technologies.

By supporting our emergency missions and our long-term international programmes, or by making a grant to our association, you reflect the solidarity of your citizens.

Committed to develop the social and solidarity-based economy of its territory, the Communité d’Agglomeration Pau Béarn Pyrénées (PBP) has supported the action of TSF since 2009.

Together we will study the possibilities of this joint project. Contact our Communication and International Relations Department by email or phone call at: +33 5 59 84 43 60.


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