Academics bodies

TSF develops technological innovations adapted to the specific needs of its projects. To ensure we are always going that one step further, we set up collaborations with universities and colleges.

Cooperation between NGOs and researchers can lead to positive progress for development by increasing public awareness, field interventions and promoting technological innovation.

This type of partnership can take different forms: resource mobilisation, technical projects, public awareness or fundraising events.

For more information, please contact our Communication and International Relations Department by email or phone call at: +33 5 59 84 43 60.



Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is an international institution of higher education in engineering, high technology and crisis management. Since local knowledge and skills are vital to a coordinated humanitarian response, TSF is working with AIT to recruit volunteers for the Asia-Pacific region. By training specialized students of more than 60 nationalities, we build upon the richness of these different profiles for our missions in this part of the world.




The Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Caen (ENSICAEN) is a public institution of higher education and research which trains engineers in innovation and entrepreneurship. The school’s Alumni association, "ENSICAEN Alumni" gathers around 8,500 graduates spread over the globe. In 2017, TSF established collaboration with the association to recruit volunteer engineers or students who can be quickly deployed around the world during a crisis. They also bring their expertise through technical support for the development of ICT solutions for TSF projects. In parallel, the Alumni mobilise their network to provide financial support to TSF in the form of donations.


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