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Since its creation, TSF has worked in more than 70 countries across five continents to the benefit of millions of people and more than 850 humanitarian organisations.

Your donation helps us promote the responsible and inclusive use of new technologies. By adapting them to each humanitarian context, our programmes contribute to improving the living conditions of our beneficiaries, without discrimination of any kind. Your support will allow us to:

  • Maintain our response capacity so that we can deploy to any country in under 24 hours following a disaster;
  • Offer means of communication to disaster-affected communities allowing them to inform loved ones that they are alive and request assistance;
  • Increase the effectiveness of relief efforts through the use of communications;
  • Collect and analyse critical indicators to respond to climate and societal transformations that threaten vulnerable communities;
  • Allow refugee children to continue their education through innovative programmes using interactive learning methods;
  • Open up remote communities by giving them access to digital tools to help reinforce sustainable development.

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Do you want to commit to helping people affected by humanitarian crises? If you are trained or experienced in new technologies and telecommunications, your profile may be of interest us. We also occasionally look for people who can support us in the logistics of our field operations.

Read our information sheet carefully: acting in the emergency field cannot and should not be improvised. It requires a high level of adaptability in a context that is often difficult, disorientating and exhausting. You have to be able to work with multicultural teams, in conditions of insecurity and rudimentary comfort. Both at our headquarters and in the field, responsibility and accountability are essential.

Mobilise your company

Are you an employee and you want to share your skills? Do not hesitate to talk to your employer about our skills-based support programme.

Your contribution will be an opportunity to put your know-how at the service of a humanitarian cause. Your mobilisation will have a direct impact on human beings whose lives have been brutally disrupted. Skills-based support is the direct expression of active citizenship to the service of humanitarian actions.

In addition, this will broaden your experience and develop your adaptability by working with multicultural teams in a new environment.

For more information, please contact our Communication and International Relations Department by email or phone call at: +33 5 59 84 43 60.


There are no open vacancies at the moment. From time to time, depending on our needs, we publish here any job opportunities based at our Headquarters in Pau (France) or in the field. The profiles we usually look for are IT specialists, project coordinators and communication and fundraising experts.

To submit an unsolicited application, send us your CV and a cover letter.


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