The Instant Network Mini

A Satellite-based GSM base station to set up temporary mobile networks in emergency situations

Technical specifications

  • Transportable as hand luggage (IATA compliant);
  • Provides coverage for a 100 metres radius;
  • Easily transportable with a weight of 11 kg in a backpack;
  • Multiple power sources : internal battery, internal solar panels, external power sources;
  • Supports EGSM900/DCS1 800 frequency bands;
  • Supports charging for up to 3 mobile phones at the same time.
  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous calls;
  • Provides communications over a secure and encrypted connection.
Fields of intervention

With a mobile network cell in a backpack, TSF is able to provide GSM connectivity in the most isolated areas, enabling calls and messaging, including SMS or USSD based solutions like Cash Transfer or mobile data collection to the benefit of the most exposed communities. The mobile network solution, developed in collaboration with the Vodafone Foundation, is specially designed to provide the key GSM network features almost anywhere in the world using a satellite connection as IP backhaul.

Particularly well suited for emergencies, in a backpack and electrically self­-sufficient, the solution is lightweight and conceived for the field allowing the kit to be deployed in less than 10 minutes. Transportable as a hand luggage and compliant with IATA regulations, this innovative solution will arrive in the field without any logistical constraints, thus further improving relief efficiency.

This solution has been developed by TSF  and the Vodafone Foundation.

Projects eligibility

  • Extending Cash Transfer coverage;
  • Connecting medical staff;
  • Data collection and broadcast information;
  • Efficient communications in emergency situation;
  • Epidemiological monitoring.