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Nicaragua: Reconnecting isolated regions


In 2015, TSF identified the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean (RACCN) to implement a new project bringing connectivity and digital education to this isolated zone.


UPDATE:CAR:Connectivity for peace and cultural understanding



Some 2,939 miles separate the towns of Billère in France and M’Baïki in the Central African Republic (CAR). Thanks to a project entitled La Paix ici et là-bas (Peace at home and abroad), children from Billère, just a few miles away from TSF’s headquarters, and from the town of M’Baïki are opening up to, and developing their perceptions of different ways of living whilst establishing notions of citizenship by means of cultural exchanges.


TSF improves access to education in MADAGASCAR



TSF has teamed up with German organisation Ny Hary whose aim is to provide a safe environment in Miarinarivo to house children and help provide an environment in which they are able to improve their own living conditions. 


Access to communication: a universal right

  miniIn light of the fact that access to information and means of communication is a universal right for all, TSF has opened several telecoms centres for various communities across the globe. These centres aim to help the vulnerable populations by offering them access to services that were heretofore inaccessible to them.

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