Bridging the digital divide Syria

Digital Training for Women in Syria

Published on Feb 07, 2024 05:25 PM  -  Updated on Apr 22, 2024 02:29 PM
TSF and Syrian partner Zoom In Organization are starting a new project to provide training on the safe use of the internet to women most impacted by the 2023 earthquakes in Northern Syria.

Context: Digital Inclusion

Start date: 15/01/2024

End date: 15/03/2024

Areas of intervention: Northern Syria


  • Internet safety training for women from marginalized communities

200 Syrian women trained in Internet and digital security


Nearly 13 years after the start of the civil war, the humanitarian situation in Syria remains highly critical, resulting in the world’s largest displacement crisis, with over 12 million Syrians forcibly displaced in the region. 

The humanitarian crisis in Syria was exacerbated following the series of earthquakes of February 2023, causing further displacement, heightened levels of hunger and malnutrition, and limited access to healthcare and education, particularly for communities in Northern Syria.

Partnership with Zoom In 

TSF and Zoom In are partnering on the “Women Empowerment through Internet and Digital Security Training” project to raise awareness of internet safety and security among 200 Syrian women in the Northern communities of Afrin and Idlib. 

The trainees are women affected the most by the earthquake, women displaced in tents, youth, and students, as well as women from vulnerable groups, such as women at risk of GBV and people with disabilities.

Women Empowerment through Internet and Digital Security Training

The project will focus on three main pillars:

  1. Safe Internet Usage Training;
  2. Protection from Electronic Blackmail;
  3. Digital Security Training.

The project anticipates a positive impact on women’s independence and protection from electronic exploitation and blackmail, information discernment, and their role as advocates for digital security in their communities, ultimately contributing to a more secure digital environment in Afrin and Idlib.