The first emergency technology NGO
The first emergency technology NGO

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Communications For Life

Beyond providing access to information and communication, Télécoms Sans Frontières is characterised by guiding principles that enable us to develop and undertake our actions effectively:


"Our commitment was fundamental in the creation of our NGO, and continues to be so in its ongoing development. Indeed, back in 1998, ICT was not recognised as a fully fledged means of humanitarian aid.

Both as a means of direct support and a vehicle for psychological relief, TSF defends its cause and continues to promote technology and telecommunications as a humanitarian priority.

Our identity is based on the desire to remain a close-knit structure, where every voice counts and each individual's actions contribute directly to our humanitarian impact."

The founders of TSF


TSF is committed to working anywhere in the world without discrimination. Our actions target people in need without prejudice to their nationality, ethnic background, gender, religion, opinion or class, and regardless of where they are located or the media coverage given to their situation.


Our organisation is founded upon the basis of moral and financial independence at all levels. This condition enables us to unreservedly identify our operations, their duration and the means of implementation.

TSF relies on its own assessments based on objective criteria and works independently of any structure or power (political, religious, economic or otherwise).

TSF constantly seeks to diversify its institutional donors and looks to gather as many private resources as possible.


Our interventions are carried out in compliance with humanist values codified - in particular - by international regulations on human rights and standards of humanitarian action.


TSF is transparent in all aspects of its actions (field missions, funding, donation management, partnerships, etc.). We share all the information at our disposal to demonstrate our management practices and to illustrate the reality of our operations in the field.

Télécoms Sans Frontières is an apolitical, non-denominational and non-profit organization.

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