The first emergency technology NGO
The first emergency technology NGO

Our Funding

TSF's funding comes from corporate sponsorship, foundation and institutional organisation grants, and individual donations.

Partnerships to Facilitate Immediate Action

Long-term partnerships enable our organization to be highly reactive and to respond immediately to any emergency in the world. Thanks to this ability to react quickly, we can help save lives in the hours following a disaster. Without partnerships, TSF would not have the capacity to act with the same speed and efficiency.

Private and public funding - fostering long-term projects and innovation

Institutional and private funds guarantee our long-term intervention when required and also allow participation in long-term programs that require the implementation of innovative solutions developed by our R & D department.

Individual Donations

Individual donations are essential for our missions and allow us to strengthen our ongoing programs. They may also benefit from tax deduction legislation.

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TSF's Independence

Télécoms Sans Frontières has built partnerships with international companies to guarantee its full independence in implementing its actions and programs. This private funding represents 83% of the association's resources. The diversity of these partners allows TSF to be free from any political, religious, or other influences.

Rigorous and transparent financial management

90% of funding is directly allocated to programs that help beneficiaries. The remaining 10% is used to finance management, general administration and fundraising.

Télécoms Sans Frontières is a non-profit organization recognized of general interest.

We are audited annually by an independent auditor and regularly audited by bodies such as the European Commission, UNHCR, etc. Beyond the statutory audit, these are intended to guarantee the proper management and use of funds and the implementation of quality policies and practices.

We publish an annual financial report on our website outlining the source and use of our funding.

TSF Abroad

Our funding is also provided by our representation bureaus abroad.

TSF's regional bases seek to work with governments and NGOs in carrying out their respective activities and partnering with humanitarian programmes to respond to specific emergencies that are identified.

In the United States of America, Friends of TSF is a non-profit organization that raises funds primarily from the US to fund TSF's humanitarian programs. This organization allows US businesses and individuals to benefit from a tax deduction on their donations.
Our Corporate Partners