The first emergency technology NGO
The first emergency technology NGO

Our teams

Our NGO relies on the combined skills of an international team, bringing together committed and expert personnel ready for any mission. According to the situation our teams can be found deploying communications in cyclone-affected countries or setting up food security information systems covering several regions of a region hit by drought. We rely on an experienced team, fine-tuned organisation and appropriate financial management to ensure whatever the operation, our actions are accomplished in the most efficient manner.

International Headquarters

TSF’s actions are dependent on technical and financial capabilities which require a close working relationship between the International Headquarters and field support during missions; for example, day-to-day monitoring of data consumption can guide field operations needs and available resources. On the technical side, the headquarters ensures the availability of infrastructure and communicates with the field teams as to the most appropriate solutions depending on the progress of the mission.

Our Regional Offices and International Bureaus

TSF has two regional offices:

  • Asia/Pacific Regional Office - Bangkok, Thailand
  • Latin America/Caribbean Regional Office - Guadalajara, Mexico

In order to ensure rapid international response and constant global monitoring, each office has the appropriate tools and personnel to deal with emergency response requirements. These resources also make it possible to manage the programmes for which they are responsible and maintain close contact with regional humanitarian representatives.

Representatives in Washington D.C. and London mirror the vision of TSF in their respective countries and strive to develop new partnerships. TSF representatives can also be part of the emergency teams if and when required.

Field Missions

In order to carry out our missions, teams are assembled from regional bases and/or our international headquarters. From engineering to logistics, each of TSF's missions requires a combination of skill sets. This cohesive team ensures the speed and efficiency of the operation under the responsibility of the Head of Mission and managed by the International Headquarters.


The increased use of global communications creates new cultural considerations, in particular the use of social networking and instant messaging specific to each region. TSF must not only adapt its response to the needs of each community, but also according to technological evolutions.

Our R & D activities focus on creating innovative tools using new technologies in a humanitarian context. Our teams can work on topics from bandwidth optimisation to specific solutions dedicated to international support programmes.

Executive Board

As an NGO, the governance of the organization is ensured by a Board of Directors, which define and approve the strategic direction and approves the financial budgets. It ensures that TSF's actions are in line with the mission and the values of TSF.

  • Mr. Jean-François Cazenave - President
  • Mr. Robert Chassagneux - Vice-President
  • Mr. Jean-Claude Laurent - General Secretary
  • Mr. François Meyer - Treasurer
  • Ms. Christiane Constant - Non-executive board member
  • Mr. Pascal Villeneuve - Non-executive board member
  • Mr. Karim Mokhnachi - Non-executive board member
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