The first emergency technology NGO
The first emergency technology NGO

Our Approach

While the ways in which we interact are perpetually evolving, the need to communicate remains constant, not least of all in situations where people's stability is troubled, their peace is compromised, and their security is in peril.

Be it on remote islands, in the aridity of desert, or at the heart of conflict zones, we respond to humanitarian issues by bringing together technology and communications. We leverage the advantages of modern innovation and focus on the capacity that communications and new technology have to empower individuals and communities:

Protecting through Communications Technology

Télécoms Sans Frontières’ mission is to protect people in crisis and humanitarian emergency situations and enable them to regain a perspective on life through appropriate technological solutions. Our teams are committed to meeting humanitarian communication and information needs, guided by our values of solidarity, commitment, independence, ethics, and transparency.

In the name of responsibility towards beneficiaries, teams, and financial partners, TSF must strive to guarantee the quality of its operations.

Using Technology Responsibly to Meet Humanitarian Needs

Technological resources have evolved rapidly, with regular use of technology now established in most countries. However, the appropriation of technology varies from one region of the world to another.

Thanks to its dual expertise in technology and humanitarian aid, TSF is at the forefront of advocating sober, responsible, and inclusive use of these technological resources, respectful of users' rights and personal data, and framed by democratically drafted laws. This responsible use aims to meet the essential needs of communication and access to information in humanitarian crisis situations.

Facing the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

TSF has long experience in responding to humanitarian crises and their consequences. These crises are exacerbated by climate change, caused mainly by human activities that exploit resources and communities. TSF and its employees are committed to conducting their missions in a way that does not involve these practices, to integrating climate change into all TSF activities and to helping build a fairer world where all lives are recognized and respected. This implies taking into account the different oppressions experienced by communities in order to adapt our response best.

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