Congo, Democratic Republic of

Congo, Democratic Republic of
Support to UN Stabilization Mission in DR Congo
Despite a peace agreement signed in 2003, the provinces of eastern DRC are the scene of repeated violence. In the district of Uélé alone, at least 135,000 people were displaced, 900 killed, and more than 700 kidnapped. At the request of UNICEF, TSF installed a telecom centre at the Monuc camp in Dungu. This connection allows United Nations agencies present to respond to the need of thousands of displaced people living on this huge camp.
Congo, Democratic Republic of
Katanga - Installation of UN telecom centre
Mitwaba is located in the Katanga region of southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. This initially 4,000-strong village is now home to around 20,000 refugees following the conflict between Mai Mai rebels and the Congo's regular army. In May, the rebels surrendered their arms and improved security conditions, enabling the humanitarian community to support the population and local authorities. As a partner of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, TSF was in charge of ensuring the first emergency phase by implementing reliable telecom solutions in shared service and managing the transition for the duration of the emergency.
Rwanda/Congo, Democratic Republic of
Eruption of Volcano Nyiragongo
Following a terrible explosion of the Nyiragongo volcano in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on 17th January 2002, Télécoms sans Frontières was contacted by the Red Cross to support those providing help to the affected populations.