2015 - 2018
Bridging the digital divide in Nicaragua's remote regions
ICT to help bridge the digital divide in Nicaragua's remote and rural communities
2012 - 2014
International Workshop - Enhanced Response Capacity
TSF organised a capacity building programme to strengthen the humanitarian response system through the optimal use of technologies
2012 - 2018
Technology in the combat against Gender-based Violence
In the department of Chinandega, more than half of women report having suffered physical, sexual or psychological violence. TSF supports the action of the Chinandega Women's Movement Association (MMCH) with a mobile early warning and prevention system to combat such violence.
2010 - 2011
Enhanced Response Capacity in Asia and Americas
Between August 2010 and February 2011, TSF trained 102 staff members from organisations and humanitarian agencies in Asia and Central and Latin America to improve effective use of telecommunications service in emergency situations.
El Salvador/Nicaragua
Hurricane Ida
Hurricane Ida swept the coasts of Nicaragua and El Salvador in November 2009. At the request of UNDAC, TSF teams traveled to both countries to provide communications to the United Nations assessment teams.
2009 - 2010
Epidemiological monitoring - Dengue
To combat the dengue epidemic that has been spreading in Nicaragua since October 2010, TSF set up an innovative system to monitor the spread of the disease. This system, based on simple SMS, enables the rapid centralisation of reliable data from several dozen health centres. This initiative set up in partnership with the PATH NGO is intensely used by SILAIS, a crisis unit mobilised by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health.
2009 - 2010
Enhanced Response Capacity
In July and August 2009, in partnership with the European Commission, TSF led an emergency telecommunications training programme for 40 representatives of humanitarian organisations from 8 Asian countries and 4 Central American countries vulnerable to natural disasters
2008 - 2017
Telpaneca Community Centre
Near the northern border of Nicaragua, Telpaneca is a district populated by indigenous populations. In the eponymous town of 20,000 inhabitants, the economy relies mainly on the production of bananas and coffee. The IT Cup centre opened by TSF in partnership with the PIT facilitates access to ICT for students, teachers, farmers and local NGOs. It also enables residents to learn about the uses of the internet, to improve their daily lives.
Hurricane Felix
Following Hurricane Felix, TSF installed three emergency communication centres for the United Nations and the humanitarian community in the Puerto Cabezas region, in partnership with the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO).
Hurricane Beta
Just after having returned from their mission in Guatemala, TSF Latin America teams are again called upon by Managua's authorities.
Floods in the town of Rio Blanco
As part of their collaboration agreement, TSF's Regional Base for the Americas and the SINAPRED intervened in Cerro Musun, affected by heavy floods and landslides.
Remote telediagnosis
Pilot remote medical diagnosis mission for isolated communities in Nicaragua where many regions suffer from weak health infrastructures and little trained medical personnel.