Disaster response Madagascar

Cyclone Giovanna

Published on Feb 15, 2012 01:00 AM  -  Updated on Jul 09, 2019 12:47 PM
The intense tropical cyclone Giovanna struck the east coast of Madagascar on 13th February 2011. TSF deployed a team and telecom facilities in the worst-hit areas surrounding Brickaville.

Context: Typhoon
Start date: 15/02/2012
End date: 25/02/2012
Areas of intervention: 7 cities

  • Moramanga
  • Ranomafana
  • Vatomandry
  • Antsampanana
  • Brickaville
  • Andevoranto
  • Ambila


  • Telecoms centres
  • Humanitarian calling operations

7 organisations supported


Category III cyclone Giovanna struck the east coast of Madagascar, killing 26 people, affecting 663,000 people with 133,000 displaced, according to the National Bureau for Disaster Risk Management (BNGRC).


TSF deployed from its international headquarters on 15th February. In coordination with the BNGRC, the team assessed the telecom situation and identified the telecommunication needs for NGOs, local authorities and populations after the cyclone in the cities of Moramanga, Ranomafana, Vatomandry, Antsampanana and Brickaville.

Telecoms centres

On 18th February, TSF set up a telecom centre in the offices of Care International in Brickaville, to create an Inter-NGO Coordination Centre.

TSF supported local relief organisations (WFP, CARE International, Malagasy Red Cross, Catholic Relief Service, District Office, BNGRC, local authorities) and strengthened coordination of the humanitarian response.

Humanitarian calling operations

TSF also carried out humanitarian calling operations for the affected populations in the cities of Andevoranto from 18th to 20th February and Ambila on 21st and 22nd February. 128 families were able to make priority calls and inform their relatives of their situation and their needs.
Cyclone Giovanna caused less damage than expected inland, therefore TSF activities took place solely in highly affected areas, particularly on the east coast, the hurricane's impact point. MNOs reacted quickly to restore communications and allow a gradual return to normal. As a result, telecommunication needs became less and less prominent until the return of 3G connections to Brickaville on 23rd February 2012.