TSF’ support to local population in Abaco: 1st Humanitarian calling operations

Publication date: Sep 09, 2019
After the installation of a connection for the Emergency Coordination Center (ECO) on Abaco Island, TSF teams began their first Humanitarian Calling Operations to the benefit of affected populations.

Many victims of Hurricane Dorian have relatives living in other islands of The Bahamas and even other countries, yet many of them have not been able to talk to their loved ones to let them know that they are safe. TSF was able to give them this opportunity: Pierreson, 40 years old, is Haitien, after the hurricane, he and his wife found refuge in a shelter of Marsh Harbor, the main city set up in a school. Thanks to TSF he managed to talk to his family back in Haiti for the first time after the hurricane. "They started crying when they heard my voice. They were worried about me. Now I feel better, I can sleep better, I can eat better. Thank you guys, you made me so happy.”

With an assessment group of the Ministry of Health, TSF’s teams went up to Treasure Cay airport, and to Coopers Town, 60km north of Marsh Harbor to conduct these first HCOs. As local operators are still working on restoring the network, TSF teams will continue to survey the island in search of people in need of communication.

According to the government, 35 people died in Abaco Island and eight in Grand Bahama. Many remain missing and the number of casualties is expected to increase.

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