Disaster response Pakistan

Kashmir Earthquake

Published on Oct 09, 2005 02:00 AM  -  Updated on Jul 09, 2019 04:28 PM
On 8th October 2005, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India suffered a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. The main affected areas are northwestern India, eastern Afghanistan and especially northern Pakistan. In Pakistan, heavy relief intervention is required, with primary assessments showing the need for a telecommunications service.

Context: Earthquake
Start date: 09/10/2005
End date: 11/11/2005
Areas of intervention:

  • Muzaffarabad district
  • Balakot district
  • Bagh district
  • Batgram district
  • City of Mansehra
  • City of Islamabad


  • Telecom centres
  • Advices to NGOs
  • Humanitarian calling operations

3 telecoms centres
67 organisations supported
3,150 MB of data transferred
42 hours of calls for organisations
2,174 families benefited of calls
88 hours of calls for population

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