Summer activities for displaced children

Publication date: Sep 05, 2017
For the displaced and refugee children TSF supports in Syria and Turkey, when school is out and temperatures soar, the summer period means anything but vacation. Since 2013 TSF has been supporting summer learning for Syrian children, and 2017 has been no exception.

Beyond keeping children occupied in an environment where alternative activities can be scarce, our Summer Programme allows children to pursue their education and maintain the academic skills they acquire throughout the rest of the year.

During the period in which the schools that we support during term are closed, the Programme is held across three centres in Syria and one further centre for refugee children in Gaziantep, Turkey.

The Ghiras, Sejjo and Dahit Al Shohada centres all share the objective of welcoming orphaned children and proposing various educational and awareness activities alongside local organisations. The Rainbow Centre in Turkey, supported by TSF since 2016, brings in children from the streets of Gaziantep to help restore stability in their lives via education.

Driven by our native Syrian staff, the Summer Programme brings together almost 500 children and whilst education remains the primary objective, the activities are adapted to be more recreational. Amongst this summer's activities, children have been using TSF tablets to learn to tell the time, perfect their knowledge of the alphabet and improve language skills using tales and fables.

TSF has been supporting education in Syria and across the border in Turkey since 2013. In 2016, 1,802 children benefited from our mLearning programme, helping them to construct social skills, foster their creativity and realise their learning potential.

Syria - map of centres as of 09/2017

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