1998-2018: 20 years of "Communications for life"

Publication date: Jan 17, 2019
At Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) we have been doing our best to bring communications for life to the most isolated and vulnerable people during the past 20 years. We strive for a world in which all people, including, and especially, the most vulnerable, isolated and hardest to reach groups, have access to information and telecommunications, anywhere, anytime. A world in which those who have lost everything can always find hope in the voice of their loved ones. A world in which the potential offered by technologies and telecommunications is made available to the benefit of those who need it most. A world in which no matter how serious a humanitarian crisis is, there’s always a way to smile again.
Video TSF 20 years

What makes TSF’s activities so special, is that we share this vision with all our partners, volunteers and supporters, who make all our activities possible. Partners who don’t just provide financial support, but strongly believe in TSF’s vision and actions and do their best to enhance TSF’s impact through technical collaborations and new ideas.

When you work together, then you can really make a difference. It's this solid and powerful collaboration that, throughout these 20 years, has enabled thousands of humanitarian actors to enhance the impact of their actions in emergency contexts and brought hope to populations living in conflict affected areas, families isolated after natural disasters and parents and children separated due to humanitarian crises.

With this video, TSF thanks all its partners, volunteers and supporters for their commitment to help bring communications for life, together, to those who need it most. We look forward to break new ground for another 20 years and keep harnessing the potential of technologies and telecommunications to the benefit of the most vulnerable people.