The founders of TSF celebrate 30 years of humanitarian action at Capacity Europe

Publication date: Oct 13, 2022
TSF partner Capacity Media celebrates 30 years of humanitarian action of the founders of Télécoms Sans Frontières at Capacity Europe event in London.

In a world in which technology evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, TSF works to always put such innovation at the service of the most vulnerable people. To be able to do this in the most effective way possible, direct and close relationships with the industry leaders are of paramount importance. For this reason it is important to TSF to be once again official charity partner of Capacity Europe.

For the past 22 years, Capacity Europe has brought together many companies from the technology and telecommunications sectors.  For TSF, the telecommunications industry has always played a key role. The close relationships with its partners, their understanding of TSF's values, the sharing of a common vision and the mutual exchange of technical know-how, have enabled TSF to respond to the needs identified in the humanitarian field through technology and telecommunications.

“Most of TSF’s partners are leaders in the telecom industry. TSF’s impact wouldn’t have been the same if it hadn’t had the chance to count on their trust and loyalty, which allow us to deploy rapidly in the aftermath of a crisis and provide a specific response to each situation. Today, with increasingly complex humanitarian crises and the consequences of climate change threatening the whole of humanity, this support and loyalty is all the more important to give the most vulnerable the means to regain hope,” explains Monique Lanne-Petit, TSF Director.

This year's event is especially important because it marks 10 years of partnership between Capacity Media and TSF. "TSF is very grateful for Capacity Media's support over the 10 years of partnership. Its vital support has enhanced the value of TSF's work with leaders in the technology and telecommunications sectors. As with any TSF partnership, the close relationship with Capacity Media's teams and their commitment to our cause has always allowed for fruitful collaborations. From financial support to the promotion of TSF at international events, from fundraising to highlighting our work in the press, Capacity Media has made it possible to show the impact of TSF's work and to develop relationships that are essential for a response that is always adapted to the needs of the victims of humanitarian crises,” Monique Lanne-Petit adds.

Practical information on Capacity Europe and how to participate is available here.