TSF charity partner of the International Telecoms Week

Publication date: Aug 02, 2021
TSF is once again this year charity partner of the International Telecoms Week, taking place from 29, August to 1, September in Washington D.C.

In TSF’s history, the telecom industry has always played a particularly important role. In a world in which technology evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, TSF works to always put such innovation at the service of the most vulnerable people around the world. To be able to do this in the most effective way possible, being in direct, close relationship with the industry leaders is of paramount importance. The mutual exchange of expertise and know-how has allowed TSF throughout the years to have the means to adapt the latest technological solutions to the humanitarian field and to respond to the needs its teams were identifying on the ground.

From the very first partnership with the private sector, which allowed TSF to move from a group of passionate humanitarians into a fully-fledged NGO, TSF’s impact wouldn’t have been the same if it hadn’t had the chance to count on the trust and loyalty of its partners, many of which have been, and are, leaders in the telecom industry. We are thus always particularly delighted to be charity partner of the International Telecoms Week. It is for us an opportunity to highlight the important role technologies and telecommunications can have on the lives of the most vulnerable people affected by humanitarian crises, when used in an ethical way.

At the intersection between technological innovation and humanitarian field experience, when the collaboration is founded on shared values, the impact we can have in helping vulnerable people around the world to regain control of their lives and hope in the future is considerable. It is for these reasons that TSF continues to strongly believe in the importance of these fruitful exchanges between the humanitarian and telecom world. It is to ensure that technological innovation is not only improving and making our daily lives more comfortable, but that it is also bringing a glimmer of hope to communities who have lost everything, communities who are in dire need of all that research and development can offer.

TSF would like to take this opportunity to thank Capacity Media and International Telecoms Week for the possibility to be featured as charity partner of the event and for the constant efforts in promoting TSF’s work.

Practical information on the event and how to participate is available here.