Protection and assistance Syria

Maternal and child health follow-up

2015 - 2016
Published on Nov 01, 2015 01:00 AM  -  Updated on Jul 09, 2019 05:16 PM
Mobile system to collect medical data to improve maternal and child health in Azaz District, Syria.

Context: Conflict
Start date: 15/11/2015
End date: 14/02/2016
Areas of intervention: Azaz District, Syria

  • Mobile data collection system
  • Mobile health

4,936 women and children beneficiaries
497 persons with acute moderate malnutrition treated
45 community health workers trained


Azaz is one of the many districts in northern Syria affected by armed conflict since 2011. Mothers and children are weakened by diseases developed because of poor living conditions and difficulty in accessing health services.

To face this plague and improve the livelihood of this vulnerable population, TSF teamed up with NGO Syria Charity specialised in medical support and humanitarian aid for Syrian populations. The project is supported by the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Medical assistance for mothers and children

TSF developed a mobile data collection programme specifically for Syria Charity’s medical workers in the Azaz district, in the aim of enhancing health access for mother and children. The information collected enabled Syria Charity to optimise the supply of medical relief and access to medical services.

During the consultations in the villages in the district, the 15 medical teams, representing 45 trained personnel, use digital forms on tablets to collect the medical data of each patient. The latter were centralised in a database thanks to the internet connections provided by TSF in hospitals. This database is available to the doctors in Azaz, where the patients receive medical follow-up and treatment.

The project enabled the treatment of 188 pregnant women, 302 lactating women and 7 children, all suffering from acute moderate malnutrition. These statistics represent 10% of the 4936 screened patients.