New IP telephony solution deployed to Venezuelan migration crisis in Brazil

Publication date: Apr 12, 2018
TSF deploys in-house Telephony IP Solution (ToIP) to the field for the first time in response to the Venezuelan migration crisis in Brazil.

Télécoms Sans Frontières emphasizes the importance of providing an accessible response to any given situation. Our dedication to efficiency translates as ensuring that we develop the technical means to respond directly to beneficiary needs, whilst applying our experience, know-how and expertise to overcome constraints and obstacles that are inherent to certain situations.

TSF's Telephony over Internet Protocol (ToIP) solution is the fruit of in-house experimentation and innovation. Our experience demonstrated that there was a need to produce a solution that can restore family links in any type of crisis, anywhere in the world, and above all, irrespective of the absence or presence of network.

The TECC - or TSF Emergency Call Centre - is a package ToIP service that allows disaster-affected populations to benefit from voice calls be it in the aftermath of a natural hazard where the telephone or Internet network is destroyed or in a refugee camp where populations find themselves isolated by lack of electricity or because of high communications costs. Minimising the quantity of data and optimising the data links make it possible to offer a large number of simultaneous calls, whatever the technology used (satellite, ADSL, 3G, 4G).

This highly cost-efficient and rapidly deployable telecommunication system merges the use of analogue handsets and the efficiency of IP-based communications. For the first time in a humanitarian context, TSF has deployed its TECC solution to the heart of a little-known, yet rapidly emerging humanitarian crisis – the Venezuelan Migration Crisis.

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