Information collection

Information gathering systems via the Internet or SMS to the benefit of the most vulnerable
Fields of intervention

Information gathering systems are essential for improving the effectiveness and quality of humanitarian assistance in all areas of intervention. These systems make it possible for example, to estimate the number of people affected by a disaster, to assess the vulnerability rate of a population and to measure the impact of an action. Thus the aggregation of information makes it possible to quickly identify priority needs.

The collection solutions deployed by TSF are varied and rely mainly on open source projects that are accessible to all and that enable a high level of customisation. The OpenDataKit technical solution is the best known of its kind due to a number of unique features. Many other more elaborate solutions with more features have since emerged, offering further diversity.

Information Collect - Diagram

More specialised collection solutions exist, such as CommCare or OpenMRS for medical data management. For more generic uses, KoboCollect is specifically designed to enable quick and free data form creation.