Humanitarian information display system

Remotely managed digital display for disseminating information on migration routes and in refugee camps.


  • Dissemination of information on TV-like screens
  • Remote control of the screens
  • Multiple users

Technical features

  • Remote management
  • Autonomous systems
  • Multi-screens display
  • Bandwidth efficient
Fields of intervention

After fleeing their homes due to ongoing conflict or extreme poverty, refugees and internally displaced people around the world often find refuge in camps with only their basic needs answered to and minimal access to information. Télécoms Sans Frontières has therefore designed a digital solution to display up-to-date information that is easy to adapt and to translate into different languages.

TSF’s digital signage system consists in the installation of TV screens at key strategic locations where populations gather. These locations can include distribution sites, screening sites and any other common areas where camp residents regularly spend time.

The system takes advantage of TSF’s Internet connections and Wi-Fi network to connect the screens to the Cloud, allowing remote access to manage and update the content of the information displayed in real time without needing to access each TV physically.

Diagram of TSF's information display system

Partner organisations can use the web interface from anywhere in the world to upload the information they want to share directly on the screens. Information will take the form of PDF slideshows. Slideshows present the advantage of being light-weight files (bandwidth efficient), allowing clear, multi-language, visual messages to be displayed.