Fixed Satellite Services (FSS)

Generally referred to as VSAT services, Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) are generally set up for medium to long-term usage.
Fields of intervention

TSF staff installing a VSAT in Niger

Satellite communications offer many advantages, particularly for humanitarian actors working in isolated regions or zones affected by a disaster. With worldwide coverage, these technologies can be used anywhere and are very reliable.

In many developing countries, satellite technology can offer a faster and more reliable service than local data and telephone infrastructures. Satellite will also be available in areas that local operators have not yet reached.

While this type of service is usually more expensive than the local Internet, depending on the usage, it can be surprisingly cost effective.

TSF deploys VSAT in the most remote areas, in refugee camps and in the first hours of a natural disaster in order to provide reliable Internet connectivity to the benefit of NGOs working in the field and the populations they are supporting.

VSATs deployed by TSF are used in many aspect of humanitarian work, from general disaster coordination to supporting health mechanisms, linking a remote community to the rest of the world or providing free Wi-Fi over a refugee camp.