Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)

Portable satellite terminals - this equipment can provide Internet access, telephony or both.
Fields of intervention

According to the type of humanitarian crisis, conventional communication infrastructures such as terrestrial or mobile networks may be partially or even completely destroyed. In this case, there are alternative technologies for restoring reliable communication links.

Among these alternative networks a global networks of communication satellites covering a large part of the earth's surface exists. Particularly compact terminals provide a telephone and/or Internet connectivity and may have multiple access network technologies for distributing connectivity, such as network cables, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. These features offer the possibility to connect from a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone. Terminals include a battery to facilitate the establishment of an Internet connection in all circumstances and for several hours.

In addition, satellite phones are also essential for emergency response in order to establish telephone conversations from anywhere in the world. The compact size of the handsets, as well as their autonomy, allow them to be transported anywhere easily.

Thus, Télécoms Sans Frontières systematically deploys to humanitarian crises, caused by natural disasters or conflicts, with a fleet of several satellite terminals and satellite phones to provide its expertise and support to humanitarian coordination or other organisations to facilitate the exchange of information and improve the effectiveness of the response. The experience acquired by TSF during its missions has allowed it to establish privileged relationships with all manufacturers and service providers in the field, thus helping to share the ever-changing needs of the humanitarian community.