They are committed to TSF, by mobilizing and encouraging the technology and telecommunications industry towards social responsibility
Tim Passingham
“Being a TSF Ambassador is hugely rewarding. It’s a simple commitment but it makes an enormous difference to TSF, its profile and fundraising activities. Supporting TSF through a structured Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is great for any individual or business, great for TSF and its charitable activities, and can make a significant difference in the lives TSF seeks to save and protect through its global humanitarian activities”
Jaymie Scotto
"One of our most basic needs as humans is to communicate with one another. Never is that human need to communicate more heightened than when we are faced with a disaster or crisis. At this time, one call from a loved one is priceless, a blessing; and the men and women who are the first brave boots on the ground, enabling those critical communication lines for first responders and families alike, are heroes to me. It is this reason that I am proud to be an Ambassador of Telecom Sans Frontieres."
Gina Nomellini
"Representing TSF as an Ambassador is a unique way for me to leverage my skills and relationships in the global telecoms industry to give back to those in need. TSF’s work assists millions of people per year and by funding its work, we can directly improve the lives of those in need around the world. I support TSF’s mission and hope that with participation of other likeminded organizations, we can help them to expand their global reach and capabilities."