Becoming a partner of TSF means a lot more than providing financial support to an NGO
Becoming a partner of TSF means a lot more than providing financial support to an NGO

Private Companies

Télécoms Sans Frontières is an independent NGO that relies on dedicated private and public partners that share our guiding values. They support our actions to help us use technology to improve the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. These partnerships are based on a commitment to quality, mutual trust, complementarity of roles, to ensure effective, efficient and timely relief. For TSF, partnerships are made of relationships and projects. A contractual framework defines the coherence of these elements.

TSF is among the first NGOs present on the ground in emergency situations. We are also the main operational partner of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA). Supporting us, you would improve your public image, boost employee engagement, and create a meaningful CSR programme. Depending on the country, you would also benefit from tax-deduction.

Through your support you will:

  • Help humanitarian coordination and give psychological relief in the aftermath of natural disasters
  • Enhance refugees' safety and the respect of their fundamental rights
  • Allow refugee children to regain control of their lives and help them continue their education even during humanitarian crises
  • Facilitate the implementation of projects aimed to bridge the digital divide in isolated areas, to help local communities harness the potential of technologies and telecommunication

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Our Corporate Partners
Our Operational Partners
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Read what our current partners have to say regarding their relationship with TSF
Ms. Rosalind Irving
Ms. Rosalind Irving - CEO, Capacity Media
We are proud of our partnership with Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF), which we have had since 2014. When there is a disaster or emergency somewhere in the world, the dedicated teams from TSF run towards, rather than away from the danger. They provide a critical and valuable service in re-connecting loved ones and providing much-needed connections for other emergency responders. That we can in our small way help, by promoting and supporting the selfless work of TSF, is something we celebrate and of which we are extremely proud.
Jennifer Enderlin
Jennifer Enderlin - Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, AT&T
When disaster strikes, TSF, and other NGOs are really critical in providing interim connectivity solutions while the network infrastructure is being restored. Our purpose at AT&T is to connect people to greater possibility, and TSF really helps us achieve this, which is why, over the past 20 years in this collaboration, we really consider TSF as our key international collaborator of our disaster relief program.
Mr. James Matthews
Mr. James Matthews - Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Eutelsat
Using our means to provide humanitarian support is part of our core mission and so it's a fundamentally really important part of what we do. I've got huge admiration for the work that you're doing at Télécoms Sans Frontières. and it’s really inspirational to understand what you're doing in the way you're doing it and for us to be able to support that is really part of our core mission and something that we really really want to be involved with.
Alison Horrocks
Alison Horrocks - Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Inmarsat
We're hugely proud to be TSF's first satellite communication partner. What we do with TSF is about sharing a vision to do good, and what we do with the technology with the TSF expertise... that combination really works well to help people. I feel immensely grateful to know them [the TSF team] and know the work that they do.