Disaster response Nicaragua

Hurricane Beta

Published on Oct 27, 2005 02:00 AM  -  Updated on Jul 09, 2019 04:28 PM
Just after having returned from their mission in Guatemala, TSF Latin America teams are again called upon by Managua's authorities.

Context: Hurricane
Start date: 27/10/2005
End date: 06/11/2005
Areas of intervention: South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region

  • Telecom assessments
  • Humanitarian calling operations


The tropical storm Beta formed on the Caribbean coast of Central America and turned into a hurricane category 2 on 30th October. The cyclone dropped after touching down around 11.00 GMT near the village of Karawala 100 km south of Puerto Cabezas. However, 80% of houses were destroyed and 8 other surrounding communities were without communications.


Having just returned from their mission in Guatemala, TSF Latin America’s team was solicited by the authorities of Managua. As early as 27th October, three satellite telephone lines were pre-positioned at the request of the Nicaraguan Centre for Disaster Prevention and Response (SINAPRED) in the north-eastern region of the country. On 1st November, a team integrated the brigades of the Ministry of Health (MINSA).

Telecom assessments

For one week, TSF and MINSA teams worked in the most affected communities of Karawala, Barra, Walpa, Sandy Bay and Kara, conducting emergency assessments and supporting local teams with satellite communication equipment.

As the only NGO present in these communities, TSF assesses the damages done in the visited communities: about 500 affected families, 50 total destruction and 190 partial destruction of houses, 250 latrines, a health centre, contamination of about 200 wells water, power system drop, huge crop losses of rice, beans and corn, considerable damage to the fishery (destruction of 12 000 lobster traps and 1 destroyed pier).

Humanitarian calling operations

The bad weather that followed the hurricane made it difficult to distribute humanitarian aid and led to increased river flows, causing more floods during the heavy rains. The mobile communications team provided hundreds of minutes of communication so that the affected population could communicate with their relatives in the rest of the country, in Honduras, Costa Rica and the Cayman Islands.

The TSF team returned to Managua, finishing its mission on 6th November.