Technologies for humanitarian action
Technologies for humanitarian action

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The use of new technologies in humanitarian emergency continues to prove efficient to restore contact, reduce intervention delay, better target the needs and enable a more coordinated response. A deep knowledge in technologies combined with field experience constitutes the unique expertise of TSF. We identify the appropriate tools to meet the needs of the people affected by crisis, and that correspond to the usages of the emergency workers. We take account of technical, logistical and financials constraints to adapt these tools to the various emergency contexts.
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 Solution created by TSF
High-level service network equipment optimised for humanitarian emergency interventions.
 Solution created by TSF
Emergency call centre (TECC)
Telecommunication system that enables the use of reliable and efficient IP-based communications in humanitarian emergency situations.
Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)
Portable satellite terminals - this equipment can provide Internet access, telephony or both.
Fixed Satellite Services (FSS)
Generally referred to as VSAT services, Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) are generally set up for medium to long-term usage.

Our awards

  • Innovation Award – Global Telecoms Business, London (UK)
  • Exceptional Humanitarian Action Award – The Satellite Industry Association, Washington D.C. (USA)
  • User Recognition Award – Mobile Satellite User Association, Maryland (USA)
  • Space Achievement Award – National Space Symposium, Colorado (USA)
  • Laureate of Programme Computerworld Honors, Washington D.C. (USA)
  • Industry Innovation Award - Society of Satellite Professionals International, New York (USA)
  • Innovation Award – Best Quality of Life Improvement – Pacific Telecommunications Council, Hawaii (USA)